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Universidade do Avelhecer achieves record of enrollments in 2021

By Thays Nunes and Dayanne Timothy


Last Friday (05) the Universidade do Envelhecer closed enrollment for new classes with a record number of enrollments: there were more than 1,300 enrollments! For the first time, the procedure was done completely online.


2020 in-person registration.

All 300 available spaces were filled and the waiting lists for each unit exceeded 120 people.


Director General Kerolyn Ramos explains that the sheer volume of applications demonstrates the demand for education in maturity and old age. “It is clear that there is a great demand for education at all stages of life. Whether online or in person, what is observed is that the DF and Brazil need greater investment in offering quality educational activities for adults and seniors, such as UniSER”, he says.

With the online modality, the course of Social Political Educator in Gerontology reached people from different Brazilian states and also abroad. Applications were registered from Goiás, Minas Gerais, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Bahia, Espírito Santo and Rio Grande do Sul, Angola and Portugal. Most of the enrollments are still from the elderly in the Federal District, with around 40% for the group from Taguatinga.


The Pedagogical Secretary Andréa Pecce says she is happy and fulfilled to see the large number of entries. “I had the feeling of accomplishment. I see that the UniSER family is increasingly consolidated and engaged in empowering our elders! Every entry that arrived was an immense joy”. Professor Andrea has been part of the Program for 5 years and reports that it was hard work to adapt to online, but “tremendously rewarding”.


Check out the list of approved on the first call here

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