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Growing old is an act of love...

The University of Aging Program: UniSER – Art of Living at the University of Brasilia, is a program of the University of Brasilia ( UnB ) and aims to promote educational and integrative actions that enable the expansion of capacities and skills in adult life and the elderly in community, aiming at adopting behavior that encourages citizenship, empowerment and human and social development, in addition to contributing to the transformation of the people involved.

Every semester UniSER offers the course of Social Political Educator in Gerontology , lasting 1 year and a half , in which the student will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

alunos da UniSER sentados em carteiras dentro de uma sala de aula. Todos vestem a camiseta da UniSER

Applications for the 2nd semester of 2022 until today07/22/22

-What is UniSER's proposal?

With the proposal to contribute to the awakening of aging based on valuing the being, learning and teaching , still valuing the coexistence and learning in groups , the integration between the academic community and the elderly included in the scope of the program. Therefore, it aims to promote actions aimed at bringing undergraduate, graduate and community students closer together in the context of the project through content related to the aging process and education and health promotion practices aimed at maturity and emphasize the integrative principle and inclusive of UniSER, in addition to vehemently working on intergenerationality to build a society more sensitive to the needs of others and a University closer to community issues.

-What is a Social Political Educator in Gerontology?

Educators are agents of social and political transformation, aiming to promote empowerment , autonomy , citizenship , expanding the capacities in adult life and the elderly in the community.

-In which cities in the Federal District does UniSER operate?

-How do the classes take place?

Classes take place from Monday to Friday in the afternoon ! During the pandemic period, classes are taking place remotely , through the Google Meets platform.

-What is the curriculum of the course?


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the intention of this course?

The intention of the program is to awaken the hope of a better world in which mutual understanding is practiced, in which advances in knowledge serve as instruments for promoting healthy and active aging. Promoting an education that teaches about quality of life is a challenge, but it can be built through knowledge, experience and intergenerational relationships.


How long is it?
The current course lasts for three semesters (1 year and a half), in which the student will receive at the end, through a beautiful ceremony, the certificate of Social Political Educator in Human Aging, issued by the University of Brasília.


Is it a professional or undergraduate course?

No, this is an extension course.


What is the education required to participate?

Everyone, regardless of education, can participate in UniSER. We use age and time availability as selection criteria to participate in weekly activities for 1 year and a half.

Do you have a certificate?

Yes, our extension course Social Political Educator in Gerontology has a certificate issued by the University of Brasília.

I want to sign up, how do I?
At each beginning of the semester, we open new vacancies, the candidate must pay attention to the registration calendar to check the launch of the notices.
Enrollment is made through the website during a specific period of each Notice of new classes.

What subjects will I have?

UniSer differs for its dynamic curriculum, such as: Self-care; Quality of life: building the path; Law and citizenship; Body and Movement; Languages; Integrating Projects. In the third semester the student will produce a Course Conclusion Paper.

What are the hours of classes?

Classes take place weekly, Monday through Friday from 2 pm to 5:30 pm. On Saturdays extracurricular activities can take place. However, as a result of the pandemic, classes are taking place remotely from Monday to Friday from 15:00 to 16:30.


I am over 45 years old and would like to participate, how do I?

We launch new notices for opening vacancies for new classes at the beginning of the semester on our website, in the "Notices" tab. Applications are being submitted remotely at the moment.

I'm from another state (Besides DF), can I participate?

At the moment, although classes are taking place remotely, we are still open only to the Federal District.

I would like to collaborate with UniSER, how do I do it?

Contact us, we are open for new partnerships. We frequently launch public notices for fellow collaborators, available on the "Notices" tab.

colação de grau de uma das alunas, a mesma veste beca e capelo e está com um canudo nas mãos
Juramento dos alunos na colação de grau
aluno da UniSER com beca e capelo está com seu neto no colo
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