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Technogeronto Project

The TECNOGERONTO Project that aims to integrate technology, innovation, gamification, internationalization with the objective of implementing active methodology of intergenerational gamification on the teaching-learning process in different generations.

Development of an educational game about Rational Use of Medicines; Intergenerational ICTs and Active Methodologies course

Our team


Margo Gomes de Oliveira Karnikowski

Coordinator responsible for research

He holds a degree in Pharmacy from the Federal University of Santa Maria (1990), a Master's degree in Pharmaceutical Science and Technology from the Federal University of Santa Maria (1996) and a PhD from the Graduate Program in Molecular Pathology of the University of Brasília (2001). She is currently an Adjunct Professor of the Pharmacy course at the University of Brasília and supervisor of the Masters/Doctoral Program in the Postgraduate Program in Sciences and Technologies in Health UnB, member of the Teaching Commission of the Federal Council of Pharmacy (CFF) and of the Teaching Commission. of the Regional Council of Pharmacy of the Federal District (CRF-DF), in which he was also Vice-President (2014 to 2017). She was Director of Higher Education Assessment at INEP/MEC and Coordinator of Distance Education at the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES), foundation of the Ministry of Education (MEC). Has experience in Pharmacy, with emphasis on Pharmacology, working mainly on the following topics: gerontology and human aging, pharmaceutical care, rational use of medicines, clinical pharmacy, health promotion, higher education and health education.


Rafaello Pinheiro Mazzoccante

Extension coordinator

Degree and Bachelor in Physical Education from the Catholic University of Brasília (2011); Specialist in Cardiac Rehabilitation and Special Groups (2013) from Universidade Gama Filho; Master and Doctor in Physical Education from the Catholic University of Brasília (2014; 2019). Acting in the areas of research and teaching in school Physical Education; Human development; Adapted Physical Education; fights; Physical Exercise and Neurocognitive Development; Learning and Motor Development. Complementary training: Black belt 2nd Dan in Judo; Black Belt 3rd Degree in Jiu-jitsu; Wrestling brown belt. Work experience: School Physical Education (Child and Elementary Education); Teaching in Higher Education (Centro Universitário Euro Americano-UNIEURO); Teaching fights for children and adolescents. Develops the project: "The influence of body composition, strength, motor coordination and cardiorespiratory fitness with executive function in children"


Jennifer Martins Luz

extension worker

Graduated in Systems Analysis and Development - FATEC - FACULTY OF TECHNOLOGY AND SCIENCES (2020). Has experience in Computer Science, with emphasis on Computer Systems, majoring in Information Systems and specializing in Software Engineering and Agile Methods. Member of the Research Group on Determinants of Human Aging CNPQ (2021-current)


Rickson Passos Câmpoe

extension worker

Studying Nursing at the University of Brasília (UnB). He has knowledge in Mechanical Technology, automation and other components due to his Technical training in Electromechanics. She is currently a volunteer member of the extension project Universidade do Avelhecer (UniSER). Researcher in the field of Gerontology


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