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UniSER/UnB project provides lives on COVID-19 aimed at the elderly community

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With the objective of helping the elderly to better face the COVID-19 pandemic, the Universidade do Avelhecer (UniSER) launches the Action Project: UniSER's contribution in times of pandemic. The initiative has three important educational actions developed using digital technologies to minimize the possible negative effects of the social isolation that occurred as a result of COVID-19: live online classes, posts with informative material and a digital booklet to combat the virus.


Taught by doctors, masters and specialists in various areas, the online classes address topics such as mental and physical health, healthy eating, Covid-19 and its consequences, hygiene habits in times of pandemic, art therapy, fake news and many others . Live interactive chat takes place via Facebook from Monday to Friday, lasting 1 hour, always starting at 3 pm.

The posting of informative material on UniSER's social media takes place every day, including weekends. After the realization of the lives, all the material is posted on the Youtube channel. In addition, the group of researchers is going to produce an educational digital booklet that will address, in a playful and light way, healthy habits and the correct way to face the pandemic.

Despite having the elderly as a target audience, the content made available serves the entire community interested in getting informed about COVID-19 and, therefore, is available to the entire population.  

UniSER's General Coordinator, Professor Dr. Margô Karnikowski, emphasizes the importance of the project. “The dissemination of quality information, through reliable sources, is the way for everyone to contribute to fighting the pandemic. Only together will we win this situation and that is why it is important for each one to play their role in whatever way they can.”

Brief History of the University of Aging
More than 600 elderly people have been trained in Brasília and currently there are 5 (five) units in the Federal District, distributed in the following cities: Candangolândia, Taguatinga, Estrutural, Samambaia, Ceilândia, Asa Norte and Guará. On average, each unit has 70 students over 45 years of age.

More information: Dayanne Timóteo: 9-9225-3621 (tel and whatsapp)

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