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UniSER launches first edition of newsletter 

By Valkyrie Timoteo
Review: Thays Nunes

On August 27, 2021, the Universidade do Avelhecer (UniSER) launched its first newsletter , or newsletter.

the diary  do Tempo comes with a proposal to bring students, employees and external audiences closer to the world of UniSER.

The first edition tells the story of the program and how it emerged within the University of Brasília. It also features the Action project, one of UniSER's seven extension projects, and several photos of the program's pioneering students.  

The coordinator of Diário do Tempo, Thays Nunes Silva , says she is very excited about the project and that the frequency of bulletins will be fortnightly , "it is a great pleasure for all of us in UniSER communication to see this project coming off the ground. It is very important for us to share the story of the program in a more humanized and joyful way, with photos of real and dear people who were part of our history."

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First day

On the first day, to compose the table of authorities, we had the presence of Professor Dr. Margô Gomes de Oliveira Karnikowski, Professor Dr. Eliana Fortes Gris, Mr. Douglas Fernandes Duarte representative of the UniSER extension workers and Mrs. Diva Mascarenhas Borges who is a representative of UniSER graduates. The event also featured the presentation of the master of ceremonies, prof. Thays Nunes Silva.


Second day

The second day was the continuation of the presentation of the TCC works and was attended by the teachers: Master Professor ANA KAROLINE VERSIANE, Master Professor DYEGO HENRIQUE, Master Professor JOAQUIM TRAJANO and Master Professor PRISCILLA CARTAXO. All the course conclusion works were very relevant subjects, for example, the work “Depression in people over 50 years old” by the student Maria Irene França Vilela portrays a situation that is part of the reality of many and that requires care and attention.  


Third day

On the third day, we had the presence of the supervisors: Master Professor DYEGO HENRIQUE, Master Professor PRISCILLA CARTAXO, Master Professor JOAQUIM TRAJANO and the guest of the panel was Professor Doctor MARIA IVONEIDE DE LIMA. One of the themes presented was “Craftsmanship as a form of social well-being” by student Maria Régia da Silva Rosa, she lists such important benefits!


This Webinar filled the entire UniSER team with pride due to the great excellence of the content of the works presented. It shows the capacity of the elderly and UniSER's responsibility to stimulate the potential that exists in each of our students. We emphasize that our focus is to show the greatness and potential that exists behind each elderly person, so we do not measure efforts to achieve this goal.

To follow the presented TCC works, just access: Youtube Portal UniSER – UNB.

Watch the webinar photos

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