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UniSER launches first edition of newsletter 

By Karen Garcia
Review: Thays Nunes

On August 27, 2021, the Universidade do Avelhecer (UniSER) launched its first newsletter , or newsletter.

the diary  do Tempo comes with a proposal to bring students, employees and external audiences closer to the world of UniSER.

The first edition tells the story of the program and how it emerged within the University of Brasília. It also features the Action project, one of UniSER's seven extension projects, and several photos of the program's pioneering students.  

The coordinator of Diário do Tempo, Thays Nunes Silva , says she is very excited about the project and that the frequency of bulletins will be fortnightly , "it is a great pleasure for all of us in UniSER communication to see this project coming off the ground. It is very important for us to share the story of the program in a more humanized and joyful way, with photos of real and dear people who were part of our history."

In today's globalized world, conviviality and social practices are becoming increasingly individualized and without depth. Human distance from oneself and from those around them are making us lose the ecstasy of experiencing the new, the different. Tourism is capable of deepening these relationships, bringing with it more understanding and respect for the affective ties between different societies, increasingly extinguishing the idea of cultural homogenization.


Therefore, "tourist yourself”, go to that park or restaurant in your city and go sightseeing.Bring your city to life. Tourism is much more than the act of traveling, it is understanding and experiencing human experiences with your own eyes, body and soul. Be part of this beautiful plurality that is to exist in this diverse world. We are plural, diverse beings, unique and different essences. Knowing the other is knowing a part of the world. Perhaps this is the great fascination of human existence.


Source: Coobrastur

by Ricardo de Oliveira
Review: Thays Nunes


And at the current moment, how can you enjoy tourism in the face of the pandemic moment?

Every day thousands of people cross the planet in search of something new, of new experiences that only tourism can bring, but don't think that habits remain the same, you have to protect yourself. We at UniSER have come to bring you some tips to be able to travel with pleasure and safety, especially when catching your flight.

Firstalways wear a mask! After the vaccine, a mask is the greatest defense that humanity has against the coronavirus, it's not just because you are vaccinated that you can go out on the street without a mask, it protects you and everyone around you, so be sure to use it, it's such a small gesture, but it helps so many people.

Second, always keep the necessary distance from the closest person, the virus is highly contagious and spreads through the contact we have with each other, so avoid hugs. You can show your affection in other ways to the person you like.

Third, never forget to wash your hands. Remember the TV song Rá Tim Bum "One, Lava the other, Lava one (hand), Lava the other (hand), Lava one (hand)".  Keep your hands always clean and don't forget to usealcohol gel.

bedroom, if you haven't taken the vaccine yet, there's still time! Look for the nearest health post to your home and keep the vaccine up to date. Remember that getting the vaccine doesn't just help you, but the whole society. The vaccine is essential to win this fight against the coronavirus.

And finally, if you choose to do international tourism, check all the conditions established for your entry into that country on the official website of the embassy. 

So follow all these tips and start preparing your trip safely.


Source: BBC

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